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3 Things


Ummm…what the heck happened to April?!  Where did it go?? It’s almost May.  TOMORROW.  Crazy.  In any case, SO much to catch up on, so I will give you the Cliff Notes version of this month:

Make April Awesome was, well, awesome!  I had clients who made some fantastic goals and stuck with them all month.  You guys rock!  My own personal goal of walking every day also was a success.  And you know what?  I found out that I actually really like walking.  I went into this frustrated that I couldn’t run, not too thrilled about the walking thing…and after 30 days I have fallen in love with my daily walks.  How awesome is that?!?

After a year away, my amazing hubby arrived home from his deployment!

Nothing says lovin’ like a head lock!

Last week was 6 weeks post screw removal, and I got the best news of all (after hubby getting home, of course!) – I was cleared to start running again!  I set some simple rules for myself…no runs over 5 miles, and no back-to-back runs for at least the first two weeks.  After that I will start to add mileage and play with a few short back-to-back runs. So far, so good!

These babies are back in business!

To further prove that I am crazy optimistic, I proceeded to come home from the appointment with my surgeon (after having just been cleared to start running, mind you) and signed up for a 100 mile run.  Yep.

Here’s the thing.  I dream…BIG. And I like having BIG challenges to keep me hungry and working hard and pushing myself. I need a goal on the horizon to keep my focus laser sharp.  Annnnddd I might just be a teeny, tiny, itsy bit unbalanced.  😉

The race is the Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Endurance Run on Nov 8.



So…that leads me to my “3 Things.”  Tomorrow is the start of May, and we have 7 months left in the year.  And there are THREE things I really, really, really want to accomplish before the clock strikes 12:00 on Dec 31.  What are they, you ask?

  1. I want to train for and finish a 100 mile footrace. (It gives me a thrill just typing that)
  2. I want to do a muscle up.  In a bad way.
  3. I want to do a headstand.

That’s it.  My “3 Things” that I am going to work on checking off before the year is through. They may seem random and unrelated, but hello – have you met me?  For reals?   Whether I accomplish these goals (even though I really, really want to) is not the point…the point is I have three things I really want to do, that I cannot currently do, that I will have to WORK at and for in order to do them.    And you KNOW the prep for all three of these feats is going to be…highly entertaining. To say the least.

Who said I don’t like a challenge?

What about you?  What are YOUR 3 Things?



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  1. My huz likes to put me in head locks too! But it always ends up with him in the head lock because I’m squarely. Ok, my three things: 1. I want to muscle up in my arms and back. 2. I want to do two pull-ups in a row 3. I want to improve my head position (it’s too far forward).

    1. I love squarely…erm, I mean squirrely! 😉 LOVE your three things! I have seen your pull up moves; I have no doubt you’ll get your 2 before the year is through. You got me thinking…I should add head position to my list, too, as I often notice that I am too far forward. Yikes. Thanks for the reminder!

      1. I’d also like to do the wide arm palms away pull-up (or maybe that’s called a chin-up) like you do.

        1. Ooohhh! Nice! And yeah, palms away is a pull ups, palms facing in is a chin up. Either one is a great goal (Pull Ups are usually harder to do for most people, as you don’t have as much assistance from the biceps) Can’t wait to see your pull/chin ups!

  2. I meant squirrely. 🙂 Dang spell check.

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