I'm Certified Running Coach Sarah Scozzaro. Let me help you achieve your running goals.

Hi I'm sarah Scozzaro, MS


I am a certified running coach and personal trainer who has been helping people reach Their running and fitness goals for almost 15 years. Now, I want to help you reach yours!

 I also have extensive experience with ultras and running for the JOY of it as well. I aim to be a resource and cheerleader for my clients and help them accomplish big things (be that a PR or new distance, rekindling the love of running or coming back from injury) and to find the balance between challenging your body and honoring it. The why of running is so very personal for each of us. 

Improve your running


Let’s maximize your performance and minimize injuries.​​


Take the frustration and the guesswork out of training​


Let me coach you to allow you to reach your running goals!


From 10k to ultra distance and everything in between.​

Looking to take your running to the next level? Whether you want to PR at your next marathon, or venture into the world of trail and ultra running, I’d love to be your coach!


I offer run coaching and strength training remotely all over the country (and world!) and will help you get to your goal event ready to go

If you’ve got the willingness to commit to your training, work hard, have fun, and have a positive attitude, I am here to partner with you to help you reach your goals.

I can coach you to complete your first marathon or shoot for that PR or BQ, and I specialize in Ultra distances from 50ks to 100 mile events, all while maximizing performance, minimizing potential for injury, and finding the right training balance for you!  



Sarah is the real deal. She brings a wealth of knowledge, backed up by a master’s degree and loads of certifications, an instant comfort in a sea of “coaches” who have no idea what they’re talking about. I was coached by Sarah for Boston 2018. I had a high-stress training cycle and was plagued by… Read more “Kassie K.”

Sarah’s coaching was transformative for me in many ways. I approached her with a big idea and a long list of challenges to establish a remote coaching set-up for my lifestyle as a full-time field based ranger in the mountains of New Zealand. She wasn’t daunted in the least by the unusual and complicated training… Read more “Crystal B”

Sarah is a very dedicated and committed coach/trainer. She cares about her client’s goals and results. Sarah goes above and beyond in providing a very specific training program to fit your individual needs. She is extremely well-educated regarding the human body, it’s systems, and the process of gaining the functionality and strength I desired. I… Read more “Jeffery Johnston – Ultra Pool Guy”

I  have followed Sarah for sometime and seen a strong woman who walks the talk every single day. Her posts are authentic, transparent and demonstrate her knowledge, dedication to her training as well as educating her followers! This immediately drew me to her when I was thinking I needed someone who knew what they were… Read more “Roxanne M.”

I had followed her on Instagram for awhile prior to reaching out to her— during that time I was able to learn about her messaging, training , and experience. I was looking for a coach that had experience in road racing, trail racing, and ultras. Sarah delivers in all of these areas! I was looking… Read more “Lesley K”

How on earth I am now of fan of hills I will never know… The dictionary defines “Coach” as “a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer.” This definition doesn’t nearly do “Coach drtyrunner” justice. As a life-long novice athlete, I have participated in my share of teams, sports, and of course dealt… Read more “Katie P.”

“I was in a definite downswing on my running. After several years of running multiple ultras a year and feeling good, I had come into a slump which was lasting more than a year. I was still running but not as well as I felt I could and I had spent more than a year… Read more “Gina H”

“I began my training for my most recent half marathon back in August of this year. I was going through a very difficult time in my personal life and felt that I needed a goal and a realistic way to achieve such. In short, I needed coaching and accountability. To say that Sarah has been… Read more “Lisa H.”

reach your

running goals

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