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Client Spotlight – Jennifer


Meet Jen!  She is a nature loving, dog rescuing, adventurous lady living in New Mexico and tearing up some amazing trails out there! Jen and I have been working on some BIG goals for her (including her first 50k this Fall) and her positive, can do attitude is just infectious!


Junior High School, then again after college.

it use to be 10K, but trail running has changed that…any distance with a view!

Tailwind and snacks, and KT Tape!

hiking with dogs or volunteering at the national preserve down the road (aside from working).

TRAILS……my knees can’t take the road anymore…

Must be a turtle….I’m slow but persistent!

Movement is medicine…just move, don’t worry about how fast or slow….just keep moving however your body lets you!

0k….never ran a marathon, just going straight for the 50k…(not a crazy running goal for most, but I’m a newbie to ultra distance).

To stop and enjoy nature and the views….what point is there to trail running xx miles and not stop and enjoy what’s around you.  Be in the now!

Late morning/mid-day (heat!)

Love them…I tend to burn the candle at both ends….

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