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Burn Brightly

Burn Brightly

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Photo credit Laura Meeks

This past weekend I attended (and presented!) at the first ever Women’s Movement Collaborative in NC. It was a weekend full of women from all backgrounds, body shapes, and abilities, and it was a beautiful thing to see all these women who came together as strangers, and depart the weekend as friends. When you bring people together and immerse them in a weekend of movement, play and discussion, a stunning thing begins to happen; like flowers awakening to the sun, each woman begins to open, to share, to trust and be present with one another fully. We drop (or at the least begin to temporarily suspend) any feeling of inadequacies, the heavy weight of not being enough, the struggle we have to make peace with our own bodies and minds. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and in by doing so allow ourselves to become stronger.

Weekends like this are vital for women, in that by fully embracing and loving one another, they cannot help but start to love themselves as well. The other attendees become a mirror of which they can view themselves; a looking glass by which they can start to see the beauty and strength they so often overlook. Growth occurs here; tiny seeds planted and nurtured in time begin to bloom.

Photo Credit Laura Meeks

To say the first Women’s Movement Collaborative was special would be an understatement.  For those that shared this special weekend together, thank you! Thank you for being fully present, for being open to new things, to brave discussion, and exploration. May we take this brave feeling back home and allow our fire to burn brightly, because the world needs us to show up and be our badass beautiful selves.

Interested in attending a future WMC event or to find out more of what it’s all about?  Check them out on Instagram Facebook or Here

Go. Be. Awesome.

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  1. So neat you were there not only as a attender, but also a presenter. I know you would have been able to give many both courage and inspiration! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! It truly was a special event 🙂

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