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2017 – The Year of YES


Anyone that has known me long enough knows that every year I like to pick a theme. For example, in the past I have enjoyed the Year of Awesome and the Year of Adventure.  Call me silly, but I like to set a positive tone for the year ahead.

Well, this year is the Year of YES. 

The Year of Yes means:

Saying Yes to new challenges and trying something new.

Declaring Yes when it comes to taking care of yourself first, so you can better take care of those around you.

Yes to new friends, new adventures and new opportunities.

Saying Yes, I respect my body enough to want to fuel it properly with healthy foods.  Yes, I want to move more in order to keep this amazing human machine and all of its parts in the best possible condition that  I can.

Yes, I will go to sleep earlier if I am tired.  Yes, I will have a little extra chocolate now and again.

Saying Yes means saying no to body shaming, food shaming and lifestyle choice shaming.  I will worry about myself and my health; I will not obsess about what others think of me, or things that I cannot control.  I will say Yes to those things that are in my immediate power to do something about; my health and my happiness.

Yes, Yes, YES, I will make time for myself and those people and things that are important to me.  I won’t sit on the sidelines as the game happens; I will jump right in.  I will go after what I want, and I will make awesome stuff happen.

2017 is the year of YES.  Are you ready? #yearofYES

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