I'm Certified Running Coach Sarah Scozzaro. Let me help you achieve your running goals.

Crystal B

Sarah’s coaching was transformative for me in many ways. I approached her with a big idea and a long list of challenges to establish a remote coaching set-up for my lifestyle as a full-time field based ranger in the mountains of New Zealand. She wasn’t daunted in the least by the unusual and complicated training circumstances and instead shared my enthusiasm for getting started. Sarah created a daily workout training plan that I could follow remotely and helped me stay flexible when unforeseen difficulties arose. She was encouraging and motivating while also stepping back enough to allow me to figure out how to adapt the schedule to my life. From the very beginning Sarah made it clear that this could only work if I wanted it to. As a result, I never felt any pressure from her to keep the coaching partnership going, I just stuck with it because I found it truly valuable. Thanks to Sarah’s training plan and readily available assistance to my numerous questions, I was able to stick with a regular habit of running even when working in difficult terrain. As a result, I improved my fitness measurably for the first time since high school and shaved off 16 minutes in a 25 km race from the previous year. I started my journey of becoming the mountain runner I always longed to be, thanks to Sarah’s help. I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough.

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