I'm Certified Running Coach Sarah Scozzaro. Let me help you achieve your running goals.

Gina H

“I was in a definite downswing on my running. After several years of running multiple ultras a year and feeling good, I had come into a slump which was lasting more than a year. I was still running but not as well as I felt I could and I had spent more than a year running fatigued and in pain. I asked Sarah to develop a training plan for me to run the JFK 50 miler. I had run several 50 milers before but I was unsure I could complete this one within the 12-hour cutoff; my running wasn’t going well.

She kept me on a plan that developed my running skills while at the same time not wearing me out. She also worked on my confidence and the power of positivity. I trained hard and was fatigued and sore for most of it. I went into JFK just hoping to make the cut-offs and finish. Unbelievably I finished an hour and thirteen minutes ahead of the 12-hour cut-of. I finished somewhat sore but only because I had just run 50 miles! Somehow she had developed a plan that worked. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t fathom going into it that the plan was working, but it did work!! I was less sore afterward than before I started and I felt good the whole way. I’m so very grateful to Sarah for her great plan, but also for her unwavering confidence in me. This race has changed my outlook and renewed my love of running.”

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