I'm Certified Running Coach Sarah Scozzaro. Let me help you achieve your running goals.

Kassie K.

Sarah is the real deal. She brings a wealth of knowledge, backed up by a master’s degree and loads of certifications, an instant comfort in a sea of “coaches” who have no idea what they’re talking about.

I was coached by Sarah for Boston 2018. I had a high-stress training cycle and was plagued by many niggles, including hamstring issues and a back injury that made my peak week 0 miles. I could barely walk that week. Through it all, Sarah was the voice of reason and reassured me I was on track to hit my goal.

Her workouts were fun and pushed me to new speeds, especially during long runs. I felt as if I was pushed just the right amount with ample time to recover. She also gave great strength and mobility work. If I ever had questions, she told me the why behind it. She was available when I needed her, including responding to me during a run because of my hamstrings.

Miraculously, I managed a small PR at this race, which I credit to Sarah keeping me healthy. Her runs took me to a whole new level.

Sarah is encouraging and realistic. I’d highly recommend to her anyone, both beginner and advanced. She will help you reach your goal while having fun along the way!

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