I'm Certified Running Coach Sarah Scozzaro. Let me help you achieve your running goals.

Katie P.

How on earth I am now of fan of hills I will never know…

The dictionary defines “Coach” as “a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer.” This definition doesn’t nearly do “Coach drtyrunner” justice. As a life-long novice athlete, I have participated in my share of teams, sports, and of course dealt with all sorts of coaches.  Running was something I took on as my own, managed myself, and after some initial introductory training ten years ago I figured self- coaching was ‘good enough.’ Sarah changed all that.

Trapped between wanting to run forever and having the strength to lift a semi truck, Sarah knew exactly how to help, lead, and coach me back to my happy running days, this time faster and stronger than I ever thought.

Sarah is incredible; I have never had a coach that is so in tune with my goals and progress. Honestly, she helped me realize what my goals even were.  Sarah’s coaching and training plans helped me to enjoy running and training again. More importantly, she helped me to appreciate and respect my capabilities and body image. Sarah was the motivator I needed right when I needed it. I’m stronger, happier, healthier, and faster than I thought I ever could be. I even look forward to my hill training days!! This from the girl whose motto is “I don’t do hills.”  

Whether your goal is to dominate a 100 miler or complete your first 5K, she is your answer… coach, mentor, motivator, accountability partner, and friend.

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