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Take 35


Today I am celebrating the number 35.  Why, you ask?  Well, today happens to be the start of the 35th year I have been blessed to be on Earth.  35 years of up and downs, of awesome adventures and the joy that comes with the day-to-day happenings of life, of spending moments with family and friends.  35 years of LIVING.  I wouldn’t change a thing with the 35 years I’ve been given, and I plan on making the next 35 (and beyond!) even better.joy

So!  Today, take 35 for me and do something for yourself.  Go for a 35 minute walk or run.  Take 35 minutes to sit peacefully and reflect on life, or to prepare a healthy, wholesome meal to enjoy.  Feeling sassy?  Do the following circuit to celebrate the number 35!

Whatever it is you do, take 35, and celebrate yourself, your life and your health.


Take 35 Circuit

As for the exercises, you can do them all at once, or break them up…but the goal is to do  35 of each of the following:


Push Ups

Reverse Lunges (each leg)

Mountain Climbers (each leg)

SHE’s (each leg)

Burpees (of course!)


How did you take 35 for yourself today?  I’d love to heat about it below!

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