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The Mountains are Calling

The Mountains are Calling

The Mountains are Calling…

Why do you run?  What motivates you to lace up your running shoes? What keeps you going? We all have that “thing” that lights our fires and gives us the extra push we need when we are struggling with our training. Something that inspires you, day in and day out…


I can’t speak for you, but nothing gets my runner’s heart happier than seeing a beautiful mountain. The thought of reaching its summit, of discovering all of its hidden trails and sweet single track, of breathing in the fresh mountain air, makes me giddy.  And it’s not just the mountain itself; it’s what it represents. It’s a challenge, a physical representation of overcoming my inner struggles, a way to test one’s self.

…and I must run…

So here you have a California mountain girl living in FLAT North Dakota.  No mountains to be found for HOURS.  But the Mountains, they still call to me. They are my training North Star. Thinking about adventures in the mountains, training for them, just knowing they are out there somewhere, inspires me to push harder in training, to plan races that challenge me, and to get creative with my training.

No matter where I live, the Mountains call to me

So when I see a Mountain, I must run.  It is as simple as that.

My shirt design was a physical expression of my personal love for Mountains, and my passion for running them. It’s a way to wear and share my Mountain running pride.

We all have our “Mountain.” Each and every client I am fortunate to work with has their own motivation, inspiration or reason to push themselves harder. What drives you?

One of my greatest joys as a running coach is to help my clients work towards THEIR Mountain, whatever it may be. For many of them, it is to get stronger, faster, and more confident when it comes to their running, especially trail and ultrarunning. They literally have Mountains to climb. For others, it comes down to a Mountain they keep deep within themselves, or a distance they have never run, or a PR they are hungering to hit.  It doesn’t matter…my job is to help each and every one of them be the best runner they can be, to reach their potential, to run towards their Mountain.

Are you interested in being the strongest, fittest and most confident runner you can be?  Shoot me a message via the “contact me” button so we can talk about your goals.

And if you want to show the world that the Mountain Are Calling and You Must RUN, I have limited stock left, so give me a shout!



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