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Winter Running is Here!


 Woohoo! Yesterday’s training called for a 30 mile run. I awoke with a spring in my step…the birds were chirping, and a sunbeam was making its way down from heaven.  Ummm…not quite. I’m going to be honest (as if I’m ever not?) This run on my calendar was haunting me all week.  With the temps dropping here in NoDak, and the roads filling with ice, every time I looked at my schedule and saw this run, I thought, damn.  *Cue epic pity – WHY CAN’T I BE NEAR THE TRAILS?!?  Waaaaaaaaa!  I don’t wanna run in the cold and ice on the roads by myself!*

If you know me, you know I LOVE my long runs (Love them!) but the joy mainly comes from being out doing what I love on the trails with nature and good company.  Running on icy/windy roads in the cold for close to 5 hours…not so much.  Just the thought made me want to really, really, really stay in bed and tunnel down under the covers as long as I could, only to emerge  to cuddle with a hot cup of chai and a good book. But I have a passion for running, and I am also passionate about my goals this year…so one way or another, this run was going to happen!

Thankfully,  I was saved from the icy-road-solo run of DOOM by two awesome ladies! Earlier in the week, Danielle (of Run Nelly Run) and I were texting, and I mentioned my long run plans.  Turned out her coach had her doing 14, and she was game to join me.  YES, please!  Then, her friend Brittany was keen to join…and seeing that Brittany and I had become FB and IG friends, but hadn’t had the joy of meeting face to face, I was thrilled she could join.  My suddenly single escapade quickly turned into a fabulous little shindig!


Us three gals braved the cold (-9 degrees), layered on the fleece and smiles, and shared a wonderful 14 miles together.  Seriously, after the first 5 mins, I wasn’t even thinking about the cold – just the great conversation and keeping up with these two speedies!

I parted ways with these gals after 14 miles, and had to muster the mental fortitude for the next 16 solo.  I took off nice and easy determined to get as much done on the road (without crying uncle and hitting the treadmill) and staying positive and on top of my nutrition.  Luckily around mile 19 I ran into two local ladies wrapping up their early morning group run, and was able to chat with them a bit (thanks Becca and Julli!).  Then it was all about turning up the hill towards the North side of town, and hitting some farm roads to complete my miles.

Typical NoDak winter running.  And they say it’s warm for this time of year here!

Funny thing about these last 9 miles, is not matter which direction I went, it seemed I was going into a relentless headwind!  Can someone explain to me how this happens?!  😀

Anywho, I cannot say how excited I was to finish this run.  Thinking about getting these miles in – sans trails and in the cold – was a real mental block for me. But I am so thankful I had the company of two amazing running ladies and friends to share a lot of the miles with today. We started in the cold at 630 and and got it done! It was such an empowering feeling to push through the mental barrier and cold and end up having one fantastic run. I’m so happy to have another long run in the books towards making 2016 a fantastic year!

Annnnd this is how I celebrate!  With a Caribou Coffee Chai-nog (egg nog and chai.  I. am. ADDICTED!!) 20151219_115947

I swear the thought of having one of these was solely responsible for me getting through the last 6 cold and icy miles.  And I am not ashamed at all to admit it!

So, 2016 is going to be an -ah-mazing year, I just know it.  Plans are coming together, training is going great, and I am feeling strong and healthy!  I hope the same for YOU!

Recipe for today:



Hubby and I are feeling the typical holiday squeeze of money flowing out and…let’s just say less than stellar treats coming in.  So I wanted to whip up a dish that was healthy, nourishing, and cost effective.  This is wonderful as a solo dish be can also be served as a side.

To make:

Place 2 cups brown lentils (rinsed) in a saucepan with 2 carrots (diced) one onion (diced) 2 bay leaves, veggie bouillon (1 TB), 3 garlic cloves (diced) 2 stalks celery (diced), grape tomatoes (cut in half – I threw in a handful)  and salt/pepper.  Cover with one inch water, and bring to a boil and let simmer for 15-20 mins.  Don’t let lentils get mushy. Drain liquid and add parsley (1/4 c fresh diced), 1c frozen peas, 1c chopped spinach,  4TB lemon juice (or more to taste) and 1/4c balsamic vinegar (or more to taste)  Add more salt and pepper to taste, as desired. Mix and season additionally as desired.  Enjoy warm or at room temperature!

This makes a delightful, easy and healthy dish when it’s so easy to skimp on the healthy eating this time of year!

Tell me…how’s your winter running coming along?  Have any yummy healthy dishes you like to whip up when you’re short on cash or time?

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  1. I’ll gladly keep you company on any of your long runs! You make the miles fly by

    1. Likewise! Love getting our runs in together! 🙂

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