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Goodbye November (and MPM)

Happy Monday AND last day of November.  Seriously – where did this last month GO?!

I don’t know about you, but November was a pretty kick butt month!  I returned home from my trip to California and settled right back into a great routine here in North Dakota.  One that included some great runs with this lady!


Danielle and I wrapped up the last weekend in November with a spirited (and cold!) 15 miler.  It’s so great to not only be back solidly in the double digits mile-wise for my runs just 3 weeks post race, but to share those miles with a super awesome gal.  Doesn’t get much better!!

On to a few of my favorite things!


My new running tights from Janji (http://www.runjanji.com)

Tights. Boots. Sweater. Does it get any cozier?!

I simply love them!!!  They are slightly thicker than your average tight, which is perfect for cooler days, and the design on them is just so much fun!  I mean…these are made to run in, but they are so cute I am now wearing them even when I am not running! (I know…I know…leggings aren’t pants.  Whatever.)  Plus, with every purchase you make through Janji, you are helping to provide clean drinking water for individuals in poorer areas around the world.  For instance, by snagging these tights I supplied a person in Tanzania clean drinking water for 3 years!  Pretty cool, right?


Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix


Oh my goodness!  This mix has become my latest breakfast obsession!  It’s loaded with protein and fiber, and so filling!  I mix 1/3c with one egg, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking powder, 2TB almond milk, and 1/4c canned pumpkin…cook…and viola!  A delicious and fast tasty breakfast!  I put a touch of real maple syrup on top and it’s pretty much the best way to start the day. (Aside from a morning run!) 😉  Now, this does have gluten in it, so if you’re looking for a GF option, check out my friend Danielle’s fab blog for a scrumptious recipe: Triple “P” pancakes

Pressing Reset – Original Strength


I love to read, and my tastes are always allll over the place (from romance to business to training) and this book is my latest treat.  The folks at Original Strength are all about natural movement and this book is all about teaching your body how to move again.  “Wait a sec”, I can hear you say. “What do you mean, teach my body how to move?!” Well, the truth of the matter is, many people don’t move enough and/or in enough different ways throughout the day, and we now have a culture of people in pain, lacking basic movement patterns.  We’re – in general – stiff, uncoordinated, and missing out on the joys of movement!  This book helps address that, and it’s a great resource.  My goal as a runner myself and for my athletes is to develop strong movement patterns for running and beyond – this makes for healthier and less injury prone running, not to mention it’s FUN.

There you have it – a short and sweet edition of MPM for this last day of November.  Tell me…are you doing anything outside of your running to improve your overall movement patterns?  Or, what’s a book you’re currently enjoying, or even your go-to breakfast?

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