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30 Days of #MakeAprilAwesome Starts Tomorrow!


This ain’t no joke, folks!  Tomorrow is April 1, and while many the practical joke is played on this day, I assure you this is not one of them!  April 1, 2014 marks the first day in my 30 days of “Make April Awesome” challenge.  In case you missed my last post, here’s a recap:

This is a 30 day challenge focusing on both physical and mental health.  At the start of the month (today or tomorrow morning)  I am encouraging every person that reads this to join me in picking one goal they want to work on this month.  Examples include no soda for a month, to stop smoking, walk every day, cut out sugar, transition to a healthier diet, or become more at peace with your body.  The point is to have one goal that is your emphasis for the month…your “keep the eye on the prize goal.”

To help you along, each day of these 30 days I (along with some fabulous guest bloggers) will be offering up various tips and ideas that we have found helpful, with the hope that they will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, open your mind to new possibilities, and encourage little healthy ideas that – when done daily – really add up.  Each and every day will be a day to try something new (or perhaps rediscover an old favorite); be it a healthy change during your day, a fresh perspective, or even a new recipe.  Any action that fosters health and personal growth fits the bill!  And the key here is ACTION.  Health, like life, is something you can’t sit around hoping will happen to you.  You must be an active participant!

So, here’s what I’d like YOU to do:

Write down your goal this month that you are going to make happen. The goal that for 30 days you are going to attack with everything you have. How do you feel about this goal? (write this down, too) Scared?  Anxious?  Excited?  (Feel free to share with me here – the more you put yourself out there, the more support you will find you have!)  Save this little note – you will be revisiting it again in 30 days.

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Focus on making the next 30 days awesome.  Open your mind, commit to change, and be ready to make some great strides in your health.

Your 30 day jumpstart begins tomorrow!   Now, set that goal and get ready…because the next 30 days will be full of awesome!

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