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My Pick Monday is BACK!

Ya, like it’s been a while, hasn’t it?!  I’ve found I am woefully bad at this blog thing (but really trying to do better!!) and my My Pick Monday (MPM) idea sorta fell by the wayside.  BUT!  Like a really bad villain in an action flick or a boy band single, MPM is BACK!  And ready to rock and roll!

But first, let me share my morning run with you.  My knee (THE knee) was feeling a little meh yesterday and this morning, so after some foot rolling, calf stretching and monster band walking, I headed out for an easy 5 to see how it would feel.  The temps were in the high 20’s with a little breeze, but certainly warmer than my run Saturday (real feel of 3.  Brrr!) I was able to get away with just an Icebreaker long sleeve tee and vest and tights…a wardrobe choice I know I won’t be able to rock often this winter as the temps really drop.  I’ll be doing lots of layers!   😉

If you don’t own any Icebreaker merino wool pieces, do yourself a huge favor and invest in a few items.  Yeah, they aren’t cheap, but can often be found on sale in the off season (I love Sierra Trading Post for this!) and the clothes last wear after wear (except the underwear; I have to say I have been disappointed with how they hold up.  Unless I am really tough on underwear?  Rhetorical question – don’t answer that.)  Anyways, you can wear the baselayers, vests and outwear many, many times between washing, and being magical merino wool (not itchy at all!) it won’t smell.  No stink at all!  It’s my winter running staple.

Back to my run…the knee felt a little hinky but soon warmed up and things felt good.  And I was able to finish my run right as the sun rose (Insert cheesy selfie pictures here.  No seriously; here they are)

Look at me as I stretch with the sun coming out of my bum!
Ok, ok…I really do love the sunrises/sunsets here.
Super hero mode. That’s right…I just ran 5 miles. BOOM!


So, run went well, I came home and hit the pool for 20 mins of of aqua jogging and then some hot tub time.  🙂

My Pick Monday time!!

(Now, these picks are NOT intended to replace any medical advice or treat/diagnose any ailments.  They’re just some supplements I have found useful and that I enjoy. Cool?)




Wheat Grass (aka Swamp Water) and Dehydrated Beet Powder

Now, I am always a proponent of getting what you need through whole foods, but sometimes (esp if you live where fresh produce can be…less than fresh and expensive, you have to get creative.)  So every morning, I take a shot of wheat grass powder and beet powder (I mix with 1/2 water and 1/2 pomegranate juice – about 4-6 oz total liquid)  The wheat grass (or what my hubby affectionately calls “swamp water.” Use your imagination on that one to decide how he would know what swamp water tastes like) is loaded with green goodness, and the beet powder (organic and 100% dehydrated beets) is great for inflammation and can be taken pre and/or post workout. (I often add a scoop of this powder to my post workout shake after a tough training session.)  I have a juicer and enjoy juicing both greens and fresh beets, but this can be less than cost effective and time consuming at times.  So this concoction has been a happy medium lately.



I take turmeric daily.  Like beets, it is a natural answer for inflammation, something that occurs with all of my training lately.  I find it helps with recovery and soreness.




Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

THIS!  In case you were worried I only consumed unicorn tears, fairy dust and raw greens, let me introduce you to one of my greatest addictions.  Chocolate.  And when you take chocolate and pour it all over almonds and then sprinkle with turbinado sugar and sea salt…well, you have magic my friends.  Magic.  I have a little healthy servings of chocolate everyday.  Is it a vice?  Sure.  But it makes me happy…and I truly believe it’s all about balance.

And finally, for my last MPM choice (food edition?) my latest snack…

Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates


You can substitute sun butter, cashew butter or almond butter…but the result is the same.  A yummy snack that really takes the munchies away.  Some mornings I have a few of these before a run.  Other days it is my go-to afternoon snack.  So yummy!


What are some of YOUR favorite snacks, treats or supplements?


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  1. I love your writing, I can almost hear you speaking! I have been lazy about taking my powdered greens, but when I do take them, wow! what a difference!
    I’m with you on the nut butter stuffed dates, delish.
    I also like collagen peptides for muscle soreness and recovery as well as gelatin, (the form that dissolves in cold water). I am not a big meat person, but I do see the value and good done in consuming these both!

    1. Why thank you! 🙂 And YES – your supplement suggestions are great!! Thanks for sharing!

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