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Monday My Pick Madness!

For those that celebrate, Christmas is just around the corner!  And if you’re like many (ok…me!) you might have waited a bit too late to get on your ol’ holiday shopping for the runner in your life.  Or maybe you’re still hoping you’ll get that special something you’ve been waiting for!  Well, worry no longer, because this edition of My Pick Monday is allll about fun, last minute gifts for your running friends.  Or yourself.  Go on…I won’t tell!

Orange Mud Gear Quiver OM Quiver

THIS! THE best way to carry my phone (hello large Galaxy S6!) nutrition, small water bottle, a book (ok…I kid. But I betcha I could if I wanted to!) on runs and hikes short or long. When you don’t need a hydration pack but you need to carry more than your small running short pockets will allow. I’m using this breathable and low profile pack at my next marathon in Jan to carry my phone (because gorgeous pictures in Hawaii along the course will be a MUST!). Genius my friends! Retails for $69.95, but Orange Mud usually has a  seasonal offer or discount code for signing up for the newsletter going on.  Get YOURS here: Orange Mud Awesomeness

While your there, check out the Orange Mud Transition Towel/Seat Cover.  I ADORE mine!!

Skratch Hydration Mix and Chews

Perfect for stocking stuffers or present toppers, a runner can never have too much running fuel.  My favorites?  skratch

I love, love LOVE Skratch (all flavors!) with a special nod to Apple Cinnamon for the colder winter months (enjoy it hot!). Mmmmmm!   I also cannot recommend their chews enough. My favorite is raspberry, where hubby prefers their orange flavor. They are roughly the size and texture of soft gumdrops and are perfect for training runs and races.  Or, you know, when you have a sweet tooth. Hey!  I’m weak!  😉

So, your runner loves tea and sloths, right?  I mean, this is a totally natural combo, ammirite?  Well, look no further…because I have got you covered!



Tea Sloth.  Pair this with a cute mug (obviously NOT pictured) and a selection of yummy tea…and you’ve got yourself one funky gift for your sloth and tea loving friend(s)!  And trust me, you will forever me known as the cool friend that gave a tea sloth.

Run Janji


Pretty much anything from this shop will thrill your runner.  And, as I have mentioned before, this really is two gifts in one; you’re not only purchasing fab running tights and tops, by doing so you’re providing water to less privileged individuals throughout the world.  How cool is that?  So when you order Here, you truly do run for another!

Happy Feet Socks


These socks give your toes some much needed love after long hours on the trails or roads.  Increases blood flow, creates alignment, stretches the tissues in your toes, and just plain feels good…Happy Feet Socks will never look sexy, but dang if they don’t feel great!  A great running person’s stocking stuffer or “just because” gift.

Gift Cards…with a twist!

I can pretty much guarantee you two things…your running friends and family love anything running inspired and they love to run. I know, I know…my gift at deducing the mysterious is legendary. So, why not send your runner on a holiday running scavenger hunt for their favorite gift certificates?   Get them GC’s for their favorite local running store, Amazon, their favorite little coffee shop they hang out at post run, sweet running shops like Issaquah Trading Co (formally Run Pretty Far) the opportunities are endless!

Now, create a fun little running route that will either take your runner through town to the specific places their gift cards are for (and have them safely hidden or hand them off as they find the locales!) and think of fun ways to work in the online options. It’s a fun way to combine a festive holiday run with and surprising them with fun running gifts!  (this also works great for birthdays and anniversary.  Hint, hint, hubby!)

If we’re gonna really go for it…

Recovery Pumps!


I love my recovery pumps, and I use them after every hard training run and race.  They help keep my legs feeling fresh and recovered, so I can continue to have tough training sessions after tough training session.  They are like hugs for my legs!  An extravagant “must” for the runner in your life that has it all.  Check them out Here


Ok…shameless plug (sorta!) Another great gift idea for the runner in your life that has everything (even if that runner is YOU!)  is the gift of coaching*. If you or your runner is looking to take their running to the next level, hiring a coach can really help with performance breakthroughs and learning to be a more efficient, stronger and smarter runner.  It creates accountability, provides expertise and outside objectivity, and can really help lighten the load.  With a coach in your corner, you don’t have to worry about your training and whether you’re “doing it right” You don’t have to overthink!  You can enjoy your love of running, knowing you have someone behind the wheel with your best interests in mind, steering you towards your goal. It’s important to find a coach that you can relate to, work well with, and will create a custom program for you – no cookie cutter programs! Do you want/need a coach in your hometown to work with in person, or someone remotely?  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and talk to several coaches before you find the right person for you. There are some amazing and very talented and dedicated coaches out there waiting to help you or (your runner) have their best year yet!

*Make sure coaching is something your runner wants and that THEY can pick out their coach (it’s a very personal choice, to be sure!).  But giving them the green light to go for it may be just what they have been waiting to hear!

This is but a small list of fun ideas for the runner you care about!  What are some gifts that you love to give (or receive)?













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