Not sure what kind of training is right for you? Need more information from some of my current clients? Check out the testimonials below!

“How on earth I am now of fan of hills I will never know…

The dictionary defines “Coach” as “a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer.” This definition doesn’t nearly do “Coach drtyrunner” justice. As a life-long novice athlete, I have participated in my share of teams, sports, and of course dealt with all sorts of coaches.  Running was something I took on as my own, managed myself, and after some initial introductory training ten years ago I figured self- coaching was ‘good enough.’ Sarah changed all that.

Trapped between wanting to run forever and having the strength to lift a semi truck, Sarah knew exactly how to help, lead, and coach me back to my happy running days, this time faster and stronger than I ever thought.

Sarah is incredible; I have never had a coach that is so in tune with my goals and progress. Honestly, she helped me realize what my goals even were.  Sarah’s coaching and training plans helped me to enjoy running and training again. More importantly, she helped me to appreciate and respect my capabilities and body image. Sarah was the motivator I needed right when I needed it. I’m stronger, happier, healthier, and faster than I thought I ever could be. I even look forward to my hill training days!! This from the girl whose motto is “I don’t do hills.”  

Whether your goal is to dominate a 100 miler or complete your first 5K, she is your answer… coach, mentor, motivator, accountability partner, and friend.” – Katie P


“I was in a definite downswing on my running. After several years of running multiple ultras a year and feeling good, I had come into a slump which was lasting more than a year. I was still running but not as well as I felt I could and I had spent more than a year running fatigued and in pain. I asked Sarah to develop a training plan for me to run the JFK 50 miler. I had run several 50 milers before but I was unsure I could complete this one within the 12-hour cutoff; my running wasn’t going well.

She kept me on a plan that developed my running skills while at the same time not wearing me out. She also worked on my confidence and the power of positivity. I trained hard and was fatigued and sore for most of it. I went into JFK just hoping to make the cut-offs and finish. Unbelievably I finished an hour and thirteen minutes ahead of the 12-hour cut-of. I finished somewhat sore but only because I had just run 50 miles! Somehow she had developed a plan that worked. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t fathom going into it that the plan was working, but it did work!! I was less sore afterward than before I started and I felt good the whole way. I’m so very grateful to Sarah for her great plan, but also for her unwavering confidence in me. This race has changed my outlook and renewed my love of running.” – Gina H


“I began my training for my most recent half marathon back in August of this year. I was going through a very difficult time in my personal life and felt that I needed a goal and a realistic way to achieve such. In short, I needed coaching and accountability.

To say that Sarah has been anything but amazing is an understatement. When we began this journey together, she asked all the right questions about my running history, my physical health, nutritional habits and not just about the goals that I wanted to accomplish but gave me so much inspiration through her own stories of running. Sarah is such a positive and empowering coach, always mixing up our workouts and making me look forward to “what’s in store for today?” She was very flexible in working with me based on my timeframe and the number of times per week I wanted to train. In one of my first speed sessions (where I thought I was going to die — not really, but you know what I mean), I literally did not think this was something I could do. In fact, I didn’t complete that training run as prescribed, but it was without judgment on her part; just lots of encouragement and an assurance that it DOES get easier and that I WOULD be able to accomplish this task soon, and you know what? She was right!

I went on to complete all of our scheduled training runs as instructed and am so very thrilled to say that I reached not just my one goal of a sub 24:00 PR on a 5K, but also PR’d a 10K by 11 minutes (48:12); and this last half marathon with a sub 2:00 (1:57:20, to be exact), finishing 20 minutes faster than my last best time! The interesting thing is that the only race out of those three that I really wanted to PR was the 5K. Sarah’s constant encouragement and implementation of awesome speed work mixed in with the long runs, did wonders for my running efficiency and I could not be more thrilled! She’s made me a stronger, better runner and I am so motivated to keep competing, if only with myself!

For what it’s worth, I’ve been a runner for about four and a half years, taking up this crazy journey at 48 years old. I ran a marathon on my 50th birthday and have been passionate about running since my first race, which was a 5K. I like to run and I like to win, even if it’s just to beat my last best time. Sarah is always so encouraging and positive and I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready to up their game.

And last but not least, even in this virtual world we’re all a part of, I feel like Sarah is not only an awesome coach, but has become a great friend as well. We may live thousands of miles apart but I feel a kinship with her and am so glad to have her as my coach!

Happy running!” – Lisa H


“I remember going back and forth about wanting to run half marathons for the longest time. October of 2014 I ran my first one while not training anywhere near appropriately. Surprisingly I ran it in 1:41 and some change. While, I was not convinced about running that distance again I signed up for the Go St Louis half in April of 2015.

Having known and experienced Sarah’s capabilities of training previously I talked to her about coaching and training me. Went through her thorough questioning process about my goals and capabilities. And then fun training process began. I went on to PR the Go St Louis half marathon.

Then began the process of getting stronger and faster. Slowly building my basic distance  endurance up so I had a solid base. Sarah was always there to keep me balanced, centered, and grounded. Even though I always want to increase my speed I knew I needed to stay the course and the speed would come. I managed to come across the first ever time qualifying half marathon. I talked to her about and it was agreed that I should go for it knowing I qualify to get into it.

Then looked at signing up for some races before the big race in November to keep me focused and on track to getting stronger and faster. There were some frustrating strains and blisters that messed with my head. But, Sarah was always there to get me to look at the brighter side and help me get past those spots.

Then came the time to head off to San Diego for the first ever USA Half Marathon Invitational. I knew all the long hours of shedding the blood, sweat, and tears would all pay off for this race. Knowing well over 90% of the races hills would be within the first four to five miles I kept reminding myself of something Sarah always said. Pace yourself through the first part of the race and when the time feels right flip the switch and take of. For the first time her advice felt easily doable to me. So I kept a nice pace through the hills and then flipped the so called switch and didn’t look back. Needless to say it led to me shaving two and a half minutes off my previous best time finishing in 1:36:11.

It is hard to put into words just how awesome and amazing Sarah is as a trainer and coach. It is easy to see just how much she loves helping others improve themselves. Not only physically but mentally as well. Suffice it to say out of all of the trainers I have had over the last five years Sarah by far hands down it the best I have had. She has the ability to properly tailor programs precisely for each of her clients and help them to not only reach, but exceed their own wildest dreams and abilities. In my mind there is no better coach or trainer out there.” – Robert W


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