I'm Certified Running Coach Sarah Scozzaro. Let me help you achieve your running goals.

Looking to take your running to the next level? Whether you want to PR at your next marathon, or venture into the world of trail and ultra running, I’d love to be your coach!

I offer run coaching remotely all over the country (and world!) and will help you get to your goal event ready to go.

If you’ve got the willingness to commit to your training, work hard, have fun, and have a positive attitude, I am here to partner with you to help you reach your goals.

I can coach you to complete your first marathon or shoot for that PR or BQ, and I specialize in Ultra distances from 50ks to 100 mile events, all while maximizing performance, minimizing potential for injury, and finding the right training balance for you!  

As of late 2019, I coach running exclusively through CTS, at www.trainright.com. You can find out more about their packages there, or reach out to me at sscozzaro@trainright.com 

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