New “Mountains Are Calling” Shirts!

Oh my gosh guys…I am so excited about these!


MAC grey

You know when you’re away from something you love, you miss it with a fierce longing?  That is how I feel about the mountains now that I am living somewhere where that is a definite lack of them (I’m looking at you, Northern North Dakota).  Nothing like living away from the mountains and forests to have them call to you. Which, for someone like me (who grew up in the mountains and has always lived close to them), was the inspiration for this shirt design.

The Mountains are Calling and I Must RUN™

20160502_185241 (1)

This is a deliciously soft triblend shirt, perfect for wearing around town or after your next epic adventure. Whether you’re blessed to live in the mountains or simply dream about them (as I do), this shirt can capture your love of the mountains and running in them.

When I see mountains, they call to me…and I must RUN!  How about you?

These shirts are unisex sized, and come in four colors. Free shipping in the US!  To snag one of your own, go to my secure shop HERE

Many Happy Trails to YOU!


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