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What a GREAT Day!


Since moving here in June, I’ve really struggled with not having a community of runners I have clicked with, or any sense of community, for that matter. I started to dread my long runs (something that has NEVER happened before) and this made me even sadder and more disconnected feeling. Without any running partners to share them with, and no viable trails to explore, my runs have consisted of doing loops on the pavement. I know, I know…cue sob story music here.
BUT…little did I know that this was all about to change!
About a month ago I met an incredible lady here in Minot; we met for coffee and hit it off almost immediately. You know with some people friendship just seems effortless? You just click and it’s like “Wow, you get me!” And it’s natural and comfortable, with no awkward break in period? Well, that’s what it’s like with Danielle. I am SO thankful I met her.
She’s a super accomplished runner that has so much talent, so our runs are somewhat limited to matching her “easy” days with mine (because, let’s face it…even on my fastest day I couldn’t match her speed) BUT, that’s totally ok! I can be the tortoise and she can be the hare and we can still enjoy some amazing runs together. Like the one we had today!
I knew I had a 10 miler on schedule this weekend (my first double digit run 14 days post RDL100) and was really kinda-sorta dreading it as it got COLD here super fast this week (WTH, North Dakota?! So much for easing into winter!) and the forecast called for morning temps around 12. This was barring any potential for wind which would make it that much more enjoyable, and 10 miles in the frost and cold (on roads) can make for some long and lonely running. Despite that, I REALLY didn’t want to slog those miles on the treadmill. So imagine my delight when I got a text from Danielle last night?
“I’m supposed to run 10 this weekend. Interested?”

Does a Yeti poo in the woods?! YES!!!
We agreed to meet at 0700, in the dark at a local park for what would be 10 fantastic miles. The conversation flowed, the miles passed, the body felt great! I’m super stoked with how good I felt considering it’s only been two weeks. And very thankful to have had such a stellar running partner to share it with.
Temps were cold at the end, but we stopped and tried to take some “quick” selfies to celebrate the run. Let me now present you with “selfies gone bad” yet…so wonderfully good 😉


I’m just really excited to have met her, and I really feel like our friendship is going to lead to some fun developments and adventures (no pressure, Danielle!)
By the time I got home, I was a Sarah-cle and my lips were starting to turn a lovely shade of blue. Totally normal, right? I downed my post run recovery shake and went to our apartment complex’s hot tub to soak the chill away. HEAVEN!

A little “bubbly” after a chilly run!

The afternoon was spent wrapping up client programs, planning a few upcoming event trips, and making these:

DELICIOUS veggie spring rolls. Rice paper, tofu, Bragg Aminos, fresh basil, carrots, green onions and sprouts. Absolutely one of my favorite things to make AND eat!
To make this day even better, three of my amazing clients were racing today (one a half marathon, and two a 50 miler) and they all rocked it!! So much Coach pride going on. I could not be more proud of all of their hard work and dedication that lead to PRs and completing challenging courses! Way to go, Team!  My clients continually inspire me to be a better coach and runner myself!

To Robert, Aneta and Gina, you guys are amazing!

So that wraps up my pretty fantastic Saturday.   What did you do with your day today?  Any adventures or races to share?

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