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Road Trip Inspired Salad

Drty Runner is now in North Dakota!

Hubby and I spent this past Thursday and Friday making the drive from Dayton, Ohio to Minot, North Dakota.  It was a long (but beautiful!) drive with three unhappy cats. (Fun times, really.  Remind me to tell you about the midnight stair workout I got at the hotel Thursday night, chasing my escaped cat through the Holiday Inn)

Anyway…where was I?  Right…moving.  One of the pitfalls of travelling is eating on the road.  While options when eating out are better then ever before, it sure is easy to reach for cheap convenient food when stress is high and you’re tired; which is pretty much a given on a long car drive across state lines. But as road trips go, we kept things *pretty* healthy (but I always have my stash of chocolate close by).

One thing I noticed when we stopped at a *gasp* McDonalds (for hubby…I swear) was they have a new (?…not sure.  I never go into the golden arches so I can’t comment on how new it really is!) Chicken Asian Sesame Salad.  As far as offerings go for vegetarians (I ordered mine sans meat) this looked pretty awesome…and you know what, it was!  So upon arriving at our new home, I made my own version.  It’s been my go-to staple the past few days, and I hope you enjoy too!

You’ll need a few simple ingredients.

Drty Runner’s “Moving to Minot” Salad – 1 serving

2 handfuls baby kale

1 handful baby spinach

Handful of shredded cabbage and broccoli mix

2 TB sliced almonds

1/4c edamame

1/4 red bell pepper, sliced

Red onion slices (to taste)

Sesame ginger dressing of choice (I used Paul Newman brand – delish!)


Combine all ingredients and enjoy!  The only thing missing from the original version are some mandarin orange segments and some sugar snap peas – both of which I’ll be adding next time!  (And of course chicken…which you can add if that’s your thing!)  😉

Do you like to get creative with your salads?  What is your favorite creation right now?

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