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MPM – March 30!

Anyone else feel like March just blew right through here like a bat out of hell, and brought April right on it’s heels?  Wow, is time flying!

I’ll keep things short and sweet this week for MPM; hope you enjoy!

Peanut Butter…specifically, this stuff:

20150330_094739 (1)

It’s PB plus flax seed and pea protein to give it a little extra “oomph” (protein and fiber) and although it also has a little bit of molasses, the end result of 2g of sugar is only 1g more than PB without it.   It’s creamy (or crunchy, if you choose that option) and has a wonderful flavor.  I love in on my Ezekiel Bread in the morning, or on a crisp apple or celery for an afternoon snack.  Yum!

If the heavens created the perfect beverage (aside from water ;)) they couldn’t do much better in my eyes than Bhakti Chai Tea.  If you like chai, and you love ginger, you have got to try this stuff.  Microbrewed in small batches and owing it’s intense flavor to the fresh pressed ginger and spice blend it contains, this chai is ah-mazing. I get the original blend with the 3qt sampler (all three of my quarts are the same flavor…call me simple)  It’s my little cup o’ sunshine every morning.   Blend with milk or dairy milk alternative, and enjoy!

Hill Repeats.  Yup.  I went there.  I love hill repeats!  I love the effort, the sweat, the heavy breathing – wait, we *are* talking about hill repeats still, right?!? – and the satisfaction of putting in a hard, honest effort, knowing it will pay dividends for future runs.  Hills just give that sense of having accomplished something.  I love them!

hill seeker

Cooking – no shocker there, I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  I enjoy the challenge of finding a little of “this and that” in my refrigerator and cupboards, and turning it into a healthy, satisfying meal.  Today I used some olive oil, half a red onion, garlic, 1 can of great northern beans (drained) 1/2 ea red and green bell peppers, 6 or 7 sundried tomatoes, and a cup of grape tomatoes and salt and pepper to taste to make this:


I also cooked some quinoa pasta to mix in later if hubby and I choose.  All in all, the whole thing maybe took 20 mins, but the flavor and satisfaction of a healthy meal is priceless.  Also helps to use up stuff around the kitchen when we’re trying to watch our grocery bill.

Do you enjoy cooking and creating recipes?  How about hills?  Or is PB or chai more your thing?  What are a few of your favorite things?

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