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Day 1: If You Want IT, Make the Time


Today’s tip, if nothing else, will ensure you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself (this month and beyond).

If you want IT – the fat loss, the PR, the healthier diet, more sleep – whatever IT is for you, you must make the time for it.

I have a friend with 4 kids, a full time job, who volunteers with a local Girls on the timeRun group AND she still has time to train for triathlons. On the other hand, I have friends with far less on their plates who can’t seem to get a workout in or make time to plan healthy meals.  The one who wants IT more – in this case, the busier friend – still makes time despite her crazy schedule.  She treats her goal as something that is not to be compromised on.  She carves out the time.  She makes it happen.

We ALL have the same 24 hours in a day. Aside from celebrities who have their meals and lives planned out for them, as well as personal assistant and fitness trainer on staff, the other 99% of us have to make it work despite our busy schedules.  And those that really want it, will.  They will schedule time in the 24 hours they are given and make time for themselves.

I promise you – you have the time.  You might think you don’t (as a trainer, I have heard every excuse in the book) but you have the time.  You might not like to hear this, but if you think you are too busy, then you need to take a look at your priorities.  How much TV do you watch?  Do you hit the snooze button 5 times before getting out of bed? How many hours do you get lost in the black hole that is Facebook?  (I am guilty of this!)  How much in your life do you try to control and do yourself – despite offers from family members to help – because you want it done your way?

There are plenty of places to find the time – if you want the goal bad enough. In order to find get back extra time in their day, one challenge participant is  giving TV up for the entire month of April. Sound extreme?  Consider this: my husband and I made the decision to give up TV (aside from a movie rental every few months) 3 years ago.  Yup.  We watch no TV in our home, and haven’t for the past 3 years.  So, when people ask me how we have the time to train for ultras and work as much as we do, and still get a solid 8-9 hours a sleep a night, I know that giving up TV is the reason.  One less mindless distraction sucking away at our time.  Sure, I know this won’t work for everyone, but this is what we wanted and needed to do to make sure we can go after the stuff that is really important to us.

Today’s challenge (or tomorrow, if you are doing these a day behind to plan)  Where can you make the time do get that workout in?  To cook a healthy meal?  To go for a walk?  How about giving up Facebook or TV for a day? Does the thought of that put you into a cold sweat?  It’s easier than it seems, and I think you’ll be amazed at how much time you have to get the important stuff done.  Unplug from your TV and plug back into life.

What can you change about the 24 hours you have to ensure you have time to go after your goal?


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