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Fitness Quickie

 Noooo…not *that* type of quickie. 

Short on time, space or equipment, but want to get your sweat on?  This little workout is perfect for those days when you need to sneak a workout in, or for when you are stuck at a hotel while traveling.  Give it a go! All you need is your bodyweight, a stopwatch or timer and a jump-rope.  And maybe a towel to wipe the floor with! 

Do the following exercises each for 45 seconds (aside from the jump-rope)  Do each exercise back-to-back until you have completed them all…take a  45-60 second rest and then repeat!


Prisoner Squats

Push up to side plank

SHEs (single leg bridges) each side

Around the world planks

Alternating reverse lunges

Mountain climbers


60 sec of jump rope


Repeat for a total of 2-4 rounds, depending on amount of time available and your fitness level.

Cool down, stretch and smile…you got your quickie workout in today!

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